Frequently Asked Questions

All of our Macadamia nuts are grown in our region, the northern rivers of New South Wales where the trees are naturally found leading to higher quality nuts.

By purchasing from Macadamia Nut Hut you are supporting a local Australian small family business.

We take out the middleman, so that you receive your Macadamias quicker, which equates to them being fresher.

Our Macadamia nuts are harvested from the orchard floor, sent to the processor and then picked up ready to be sent straight out to our customers.

There’s none of the delays and added food miles traveling through distribution centers before finally hitting the supermarket shelves.

Macadamia nuts come with a hefty price tag for good reasons: the trees take 7 to 10 years to start producing, the harvesting process is labor-intensive, and they grow in limited regions with specific climate conditions. Add to that the top-notch quality and unique flavor, and you’ve got yourself a premium nut that’s worth every cent.

Want to know more about the process? Read Mac Nut Hut’s detailed explanation.

The nuts we pack are style 4, which include premium half nuts and smaller whole nuts. The photos displayed on our website are of the actual product for you to refer to.

Our honey is sourced directly from local growers in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. We do not use blended or imported honey in our products.

We recommend that your nuts should be stored unopened at a temperature of 17-22°.

Once you open the foil packaging you should place your produce into an airtight container, otherwise they may soften with exposure to moisture and rapidly reduce the quality of the kernel.

We recommend that chocolate coated Macadamia nuts should be stored below 5°.

The storage conditions of your Macadamia nuts will decide their shelf life.

If you keep your nuts at temperatures under 20° it will provide a typical shelf life of 12 to 24 months.

Macadamia nuts stored at temperatures below 5° will typically extend their shelf life to 24 months or better.

We pack all our nuts in foil pouches to ensure that we seal in the freshness.

At Macadamia Nut Hut we take pride in our products and try our hardest to deliver them in a way that they will remain fresh.

During the warmer months we post chocolate coated nuts in an insulated bag with frozen ice packs.

We ensure that we deliver them to the post office or courier as close to the pick up time as possible to ensure that your product is not left sitting.

Absolutely. Our macadamias are the Beyoncé of the nut world—rich, luxurious, and packed with good fats and essential nutrients. They’re incredibly versatile in the kitchen, great for garnishes, sauces, baked goods, and even as a meat substitute.

Buying in bulk from us means you’re getting a cost-effective, consistent and sustainable product.

Want to elevate your menu with Macadamias? Read Mac Nut Hut’s bulk buying guide.

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